Extreme Ergonomics - About Us

Think of us as return-to-work specialists, developing special solutions for any task, for injured or aging workers

We are a group of professionally certified ergonomists, engineers, industrial designers, safety specialists, prototype builders and other professionals who can tackle any job task and reduce the injury causing postures, positions, and forces.

We can design, prototype and test any tool or workstation to reduce the injury factors, improve productivity and address both management and craft issues of eliminating injury, and improving productivity. This is our passion, providing solutions to injury causing workstations, tools & equipment. We also have the same capability for the aging workforce, also allowing them to live in their dream homes long after retiremen

In short we thrive on any type of ergonomics problem in any environment, whether in the environs ofmaking cars, trains, boats, planes, machines or any other kind of product all the way to any type of white collar environment such as CAD engineers, students, office workers, computer programmers. Other areas we have worked is in the fishing industry, food, agriculture, retail and countless others.

Do you have a challenge for us?